Top 5 Successful Cricketers and Their Business

Prepare to be amazed as we delve into a world where boundaries are not just limited to cricket pitches. These top 5 successful cricketers have not only conquered opponents with their batting skills but also triumphed over traditional notions of athlete career paths by venturing into the realm of business.

From building global brands to becoming influential investors, they have proven that there is much more beyond cricket for those who dare to dream big and work hard. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through Top 5 Successful Cricketers and Their Business, their inspiring stories and unravel how they managed to score centuries both on and off the field.

Top 5 Successful Cricketers and Their Business

Cricket is world no one game. In the world of cricket, talent isn’t the only currency that can lead to success. Several top cricketers have successfully diversified their portfolios by venturing into various business ventures. Here are the Top 5 Successful Cricketers and Their Business.

Kapil Dev

Top 5 Successful Cricketers and Their Business

Kapil Dev, the legendary Indian cricketer, not only had a phenomenal career on the field but also found success in various business ventures. After retiring from cricket, Kapil Dev ventured into the hospitality industry and opened a chain of restaurants called Kaptain’s Retreat. With his natural leadership skills and charismatic personality, he was able to create a successful brand that offers delectable food and an inviting ambiance for customers.

Kapil Dev made waves in the golfing world by launching his own golf course called The Dev-Ellora Golf Club. This venture combined his passion for sports and business acumen to create a unique experience for golf enthusiasts. The club provides state-of-the-art facilities, coaching lessons, and tournaments that attract both amateur and professional players. By diversifying his interests beyond cricket, Kapil Dev showcased his entrepreneurial spirit while leaving a lasting impact on multiple industries.

Kapil Dev’s journey as a successful cricketer-turned-businessman is not just inspirational but also highlights the opportunities available to athletes beyond their playing careers. His ability to leverage his fame and expertise allowed him to transcend the boundaries of sports and create flourishing businesses. Through these achievements, he continues to inspire future generations of cricketers to explore their entrepreneurial potential while leaving behind an enduring legacy in both cricket and business worlds.

NicknameThe Haryana Hurricane
D.O.B6 January 1959
Birthplace Chandigarh
Education and schoolNot Available
Family DetailsNot Available

Yuvraj Singh

Top 5 Successful Cricketers and Their Business

One successful cricketer who has made a mark on and off the field is Yuvraj Singh. Known for his explosive batting and exceptional fielding skills, Yuvraj captivated cricket fans worldwide with his heroics in the 2011 World Cup, where he was named the Player of the Tournament. what many may not know is that Yuvraj has also ventured into the world of business. He founded YouWeCan Ventures, a venture capital firm focusing on investing in start-ups across various sectors such as healthcare, sports, and media.

Yuvraj’s foray into business shows his astute entrepreneurial acumen beyond the boundaries of cricket. He recognized the potential to support promising startups and create a positive impact in society through investment opportunities. Through YouWeCan Ventures, he aims to provide not only financial support but also mentorship and guidance to help budding entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. This demonstrates how cricketers can use their influence and resources gained from their sporting careers to empower others outside of the pitch.

Aside from You We Can Ventures, Yuvraj’s investments also extend to other arenas such as fashion. He collaborated with esteemed designers Shantanu & Nikhil for a clothing brand called YouWeCan Fashion, which combines style with social impact by supporting cancer patients through part of its proceeds. This exemplifies how successful cricketers like Yuvraj can leverage their fame and popularity to make meaningful contributions beyond just playing cricket using business as a platform for philanthropy and creating awareness.

D.O.BDec 12, 1981
Education and Schoolnot Available
Family DetailsFather name: Yograj Singh, Mother name: Shabnam Singh, Brother name: Zoravar Singh, Wife name: Hazel Keech

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Top 5 Successful Cricketers and Their Business

One of the most successful cricketers who has excelled in both his sport and business ventures is none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Known for his calm composure on the cricket field, Dhoni has also displayed astute business acumen off it. Not only has he captained the Indian cricket team to numerous victories, but he also launched a fashion brand called ‘Seven’ which has gained immense popularity among youth.

Apart from his fashion brand, Dhoni also owns a production company called Dhoni Entertainment which focuses on producing biopics and documentaries. One of their notable productions includes ‘M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story’, based on the cricketer’s life journey. This venture not only showcases his passion for cinema but also highlights his ability to diversify and expand into different industries.

In addition to these ventures, Dhoni is associated with various endorsement deals and sponsorship agreements with renowned brands such as Reebok, PepsiCo, and Gulf Oil India. These partnerships have not only added to Dhoni’s already impressive net worth but have also solidified his position as one of the most marketable athletes in the world.

With such success in both cricket and business, Mahendra Singh Dhoni exemplifies how sportsmen can leverage their fame and skills to make smart investments and carve out successful businesses alongside their sporting careers. He serves as an inspiration for aspiring cricketers who aim to build a robust financial portfolio beyond just playing professional cricket.

D.O.B7 July 1981
Age41 years
BirthplaceRanchi, Jharkhand
Education and SchoolNot Available
Family DetailsFather name: – Pan Singh, Mother name: – Devaki Devi, Brother name: – Narendra, Sister name: – Jayanti Gupta, Wife name: – Sakshi Dhoni, Daughter name: – Ziva Dhoni.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is not only known for his exceptional cricketing skills but also for his successful business ventures. Apart from being the captain of the Indian cricket team, he has established himself as a shrewd entrepreneur. Kohli owns a clothing brand called Wrogn, which has been growing immensely since its inception in 2014. The brand offers trendy and fashionable clothing for both men and women, catering to the young demographic.

Another cricketer who has made significant strides in the business world is Dwayne Bravo. The West Indian all-rounder is not only famous for his explosive batting and clever bowling but also for his musical talent. Under the stage name DJ Bravo, he has released several hit songs that have gained international recognition. His song Champion became an anthem during the T20 World Cup in 2016 and further boosted Bravo’s fame beyond cricket.

These examples demonstrate how cricketers are leveraging their fame and passion to diversify their income streams through successful business ventures. They prove that sporting accomplishments can open doors to new opportunities and success in various fields outside of cricket itself. It’s inspiring to see players like Virat Kohli and Dwayne Bravo excel not only on the field but also off it, showing us that dedication, talent, and strategic decision-making can truly lead to remarkable achievements beyond sports alone.

D.O. B5 November 1988
BirthplaceNew Dehli
Education and SchoolNot Available
Family detailsFather’s Name: is Prem Kohli and his mother’s name: Saroj Kohli. older brother name: Vikas older sister name: Bhawna. Wife Name: actress Anushka Sharma.

Sachin Tendulkar’s

One of the most successful cricketers in the history of the sport, Sachin Tendulkar’s business ventures go hand in hand with his illustrious cricket career. Known as the God of Cricket, Tendulkar has been involved in various entrepreneurial endeavours off the field. His love for sports led him to co-owning an Indian Super League football team, Kerala Blasters. This venture not only showcased his passion for different sporting events but also highlighted his commitment to nurturing and promoting talent.

Apart from owning a football team, Tendulkar has invested in multiple businesses ranging from clothing brands to tech startups. His tie-up with Future Group gave birth to True Blue, a premium fashion brand that focuses on showcasing India’s rich heritage through contemporary fashion. He also invested in healthcare technology start-up Her Zindagi that aims to provide accessible medical information and services across India.

Tendulkar is not alone in combining success on the cricket pitch with prosperous business ventures; many notable cricketers have ventured into various sectors outside of cricket, leveraging their fame and expertise to build thriving businesses and personal brands. These successful athletes have proved time and again that they possess not only exceptional skills on the field but also strategic acumen off it a true testament to their versatility and determination both on and off the pitch.

Top 5 Successful Cricketers and Their Business
D.O.BApril 24, 1973
Age50 years
Education and SchoolNot Available
Height1.65 m
Family DetailsFather name: Ramesh Tendulkar, Mother name: Rajni, Siblings name:
Nitin Tendulkar, Ajit Tendulkar, Savita Tendulkar, Spouse name: Anjali Tendulkar, Daughter name: Sara Tendulkar, Son name: Arjun Tendulkar

Conclusion-Top 5 cricketers who are Successful Businessmen.

In above paragraphs we have discussed top 5 cricketers and their businesses. The world of cricket has witnessed numerous successful cricketers who have ventured into the business world with great success. These individuals have not only excelled on the field but have also used their skills, determination, and strategic thinking to establish thriving businesses.

Whether it is through a sports academy, apparel brand, or investments in various industries, these cricketers have showcased their entrepreneurial abilities and proved that their success extends far beyond the cricket pitch. Their stories serve as an inspiration for aspiring cricketers and entrepreneurs alike, demonstrating that with dedication and perseverance, one can achieve greatness in both sports and business.


What is Virat Kohli’s business venture outside of cricket?

Virat Kohli has several business ventures, including a fashion brand called Wrong and a fitness chain called Chisel.

What industries do these cricketers typically invest in?

They often invest in sectors like fashion, fitness, sports equipment, real estate, and endorsements with popular brands.