Top 5 UFC Events in the World-Complete Guide

UFC events serve as thrilling spectacles that captivate audiences all over the world. From the electrifying atmosphere to the intense battles inside the octagon, these events have become a global phenomenon that has taken combat sports to new heights.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Top 5 UFC Events in the World that have left spectators on the edge of their seats. Brace yourself for an action-packed journey through legendary bouts, intense rivalries, and jaw-dropping upsets that have solidified these events as must-watch spectacles for any MMA enthusiast.

Top 5 UFC Events in the World

What sets UFC events apart is their ability to create a sense of unity among fans from different backgrounds. People from all walks of life come together to witness these fights, sharing in the excitement and awe-inspiring moments that unfold before their eyes. It’s truly a testament to the universal appeal of professional mixed martial arts. Top 5 UFC Events in the World are given below:

UFC 196: McGregor vs. Diaz – 1,350,000 PPV at – $80 Million

UFC 196: McGregor vs. Diaz shattered records and made headlines around the world, drawing in a massive 1,350,000 pay-per-view purchases and generating a staggering $80 million in revenue. But what made this event so captivating wasn’t just the numbers; it was the unexpected turn of events that unfolded inside the Octagon.

Conor McGregor, known for his quick knockouts and brash personality, faced Nate Diaz in a welterweight bout after Rafael dos Anjos pulled out due to injury. The clash of styles intrigued fans as McGregor moved up two weight classes to take on the unpredictable and resilient Diaz. What unfolded was a gruelling battle that showcased the heart and determination of both fighters.

Top 5 UFC Events in the World

Despite being seen as an underdog by many, Diaz shocked everyone by weathering McGregor’s early onslaught and scoring on a scoreboard a submission victory in the second round. This loss marked McGregor’s first defeat in UFC since joining the organization. It also raised questions about his ability to compete in higher-weight classes against opponents with different skill sets.

The fallout from UFC 196 had ripple effects throughout the sport. Fans were fascinated not only by Diaz’s unexpected win but also by what it meant for future matchups involving McGregor.

Event NameUFC 196 Event
WinnerNate Diaz

UFC 246: McGregor Vs. Cerrone -1,500,000 PPV at – $85 Million

UFC 246: McGregor vs. Cerrone proved to be the blockbuster event that fight fans had been eagerly waiting for. With a staggering 1.5 million pay-per-view (PPV) buys and generating around $85 million in revenue, it’s safe to say that this highly anticipated matchup lived up to the hype. But what made this fight so captivating and appealing to such a massive audience?

There’s no denying the star power of Conor McGregor. Love him or hate him, the Irish superstar has an undeniable ability to draw attention and generate excitement with his larger-than-life personality. And when he steps inside the octagon, fans know they’re in for a show. McGregor’s return after a lengthy absence only added fuel to the fire and heightened fan anticipation even further.

Top 5 UFC Events in the World

Equally enticing was Donald Cowboy Cerrone, who entered into this bout as one of the most experienced fighters in UFC history. Known for never backing down from a challenge, Cowboy is respected by both fighters and fans alike for his willingness to take on tough opponents at any weight class.

The clash between these two formidable fighters promised an action-packed showdown that kept viewers on the edge of their seats throughout each intense round.

Event NameUFC 246 Event
WinnerConor McGregor

UFC 202: Diaz Vs. McGregor II -1,600,000 PPV at – $95 Million

The highly anticipated rematch between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor at UFC 202 shattered pay-per-view (PPV) records, with an estimated 1.6 million PPV buys generating a staggering $95 million in revenue.

This incredible feat is a testament to the immense popularity of both fighters and the intense rivalry between them. It highlights the continued growth and mainstream acceptance of mixed martial arts as a major sporting event.

Top 5 UFC Events in the World

What made this bout particularly intriguing was the history between Diaz and McGregor. Their first encounter at UFC 196 saw Diaz shockingly submit McGregor in the second round a victory that catapulted him to superstardom overnight.

The rematch provided McGregor with an opportunity for redemption and a chance to reclaim his title as one of the best in the business. Both fighters displayed remarkable endurance, determination, and skill throughout their five-round war, solidifying their status as icons of the sport.

Apart from their individual accomplishments, this fight showcased an irresistible clash of contrasting styles Diaz’s relentless pressure against McGregor’s precision striking technique. It was a captivating battle where neither fighter backed down or gave an inch until the final bell rang.

Regardless of who emerged victorious on that particular night, both athletes received commendation for demonstrating extraordinary heart and grit inside the Octagon.

Event NameUFC 202 Event
WinnerConor McGregor

UFC 257: Poirier Vs. McGregor II -1,800,000 PPV at – $110 Million

UFC 257: Poirier Vs. McGregor II undoubtedly lived up to the hype, drawing an astounding 1.8 million pay-per-view (PPV) buys and generating a staggering $110 million in revenue. This historic event showcased the highly-anticipated rematch between two exceptional fighters, Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor, both eager to prove their dominance inside the octagon.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this rematch was the evolution of both fighters since their last meeting in 2014. McGregor’s flashy striking style had earned him numerous accolades, but Poirier had matured into a well-rounded mixed martial artist with improved conditioning and relentless tenacity. The clash between their contrasting skill sets kept fans on the edge of their seats throughout all five rounds.

Top 5 UFC Events in the World

What truly stood out about UFC 257 was not only the sheer magnitude of its financial success but also how it further solidified MMA as a mainstream sport capable of attracting massive audiences worldwide. The intense media coverage leading up to the event drew in casual viewers who were captivated by tales of redemption, personal rivalries, and narratives that extended beyond just fighting.

UFC president Dana White expressed his delight at this record-breaking achievement, emphasizing that it not only validated his vision for MMA but also paved the way for even greater opportunities in the future.

Event NameUFC 257 Event
WinnerDustin Poirier

UFC 229: Khabib Vs. McGregor 12400,000 PPV at $185 Million

UFC 229: Khabib vs. McGregor shattered all expectations, breaking records both in pay-per-view buys and revenue. With a staggering 2.4 million PPV buys and a total revenue of $185 million, this event was truly a spectacle for fans worldwide. It not only highlighted the rivalry between two of the biggest names in mixed martial arts but also showcased the global appeal and commercial success of the UFC brand.

While many anticipated an exciting showdown between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor, few could have predicted the intense post-fight brawl that ensued. The relentless animosity between the fighters spilt over into chaos as Khabib leapt over the octagon to attack McGregor’s team.

This incident not only tarnished what could have been a momentous victory for Khabib but also raised questions about sportsmanship and conduct within professional combat sports.

Despite the controversial aftermath, UFC 229 undeniably demonstrated why mixed martial arts continues to captivate audiences around the world. The sheer magnitude of PPV buys and revenue showcases how this sport has evolved to become a global phenomenon beyond simply being considered cage fighting.

As we reflect on this historic event, it is important to acknowledge both its triumphs and challenges, highlighting how far MMA has come while acknowledging areas that still require improvement in terms of sportsmanship and disciplinary measures within the industry.

Event NameUFC 229 Events
WinnerKhabib Nurmagomedov

Wrapping Up

In the above paragraphs, we have discussed Top 5 UFC Events in the World. The UFC has successfully hosted some of the most thrilling and memorable events in the world of mixed martial arts. From historic clashes between legendary fighters to record-breaking attendance numbers, these top five events have left a lasting impact on fans and competitors alike.

Whether it’s the intense atmosphere at Madison Square Garden or the electric energy of an outdoor stadium, each event offers a unique experience for fight enthusiasts.


Where was UFC 205 held?

UFC 205 took place at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Did any of these events break pay-per-view (PPV) records?

Yes, both UFC 100 and UFC 229 broke PPV records. They are among the most-watched events in MMA history.