Athletes Unlimited Volleyball – Everything You Need To Know

In the ever-evolving professional sports landscape, a new and exciting venture is taking the volleyball world by storm: Athletes Unlimited Volleyball. This groundbreaking league has redefined traditional team dynamics, fostering an environment where individual brilliance shines alongside collective effort. With a unique scoring system that rewards every serve, spike, and block, this exhilarating format ensures non-stop action and keeps spectators on the edge of their seats.

From star-studded rosters to innovative rule changes, this article will guide you through everything you need to know about Athletes Unlimited Volleyball and why it is revolutionizing the sport as we know it.

What Is Athletes Unlimited Volleyball?

AUV  is redefining the landscape of professional volleyball in the United States. With its women-only format, this league creates a unique space for female athletes to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level. Unlike traditional clubs where teams are fixed, AUV i introduces a novel concept: players are drafted onto new units every week based on their performance, creating an ever-evolving dynamic that keeps players and fans on the edge of their seats.

This innovative approach brings excitement and unpredictability to the game and gives all participants equal opportunities to shine. The absence of team loyalty fosters healthy competition among teammates as they strive to earn valuable points individually while maintaining team cohesion. This fresh perspective empowers individual brilliance without sacrificing collective effort, providing a platform for exceptional talent to flourish.

Athletes Unlimited Volleyball

AUV aims to uplift women’s sports in a male-dominated industry. By highlighting female athletes’ skills and promoting gender equality within the sport, this league becomes more than just entertainment; it inspires young girls aspiring to become volleyball stars. Through its unique player-centric model and commitment to inclusivity, Athletes Unlimited Volleyball is proving that professional women’s volleyball can thrive in America while challenging conventional norms along the way.

How Do AUV Work?

One innovative aspect of the AUV League is the unique team selection process. At the end of each week, the top four players from that round become captains for the following week’s games. It adds a captivating twist to traditional team sports and allows players to showcase their strategizing abilities and leadership skills.

Being a captain comes with tremendous responsibility as they can choose their teams from a pool of 44 talented athletes. This means that each week brings new dynamics and combinations, creating an exciting environment where players are constantly challenged and pushed outside their comfort zones. It also fosters camaraderie and friendly competition among teammates, as everyone strives to be selected by one of the top performers from the previous round.

This unique approach keeps players on their toes and offers fans a fresh perspective on volleyball. They witness different collaborations between athletes who bring their strengths and playing styles into each game. By constantly reshuffling teams based on weekly performance, Athletes Unlimited Volleyball ensures that every player has an equal opportunity to shine and contribute to their team’s success throughout the season.

How Does The AUV Draft Work?

During the  AUV Draft, each captain has a tight 2-minute window to select their next player. This high-pressure situation adds an element of excitement and strategic thinking to the draft process. It forces captains to quickly evaluate the available talent pool and make swift decisions on who they believe will best fit their team.

During this crucial window, the limited time frame also showcases the importance of effective communication between players and captains. Once a player is selected, they can discuss with their captain how to construct the remainder of their team. This dialogue paves the way for teamwork, collaboration, and a unified approach toward achieving success on the court.

In this fast-paced setting, captains must consider various factors such as playing styles, required positions on their roster, and potential team dynamics to create a cohesive unit capable of outperforming opponents. The pressure cooker environment of these 2-minute selections adds an extra layer of excitement for athletes and fans alike as teams come together in real-time amidst intense competition. Will captains go with familiar faces or take risks on rising stars? Only time will tell how these split-second decisions shape up over the course of an exhilarating season.

Athletes Unlimited Volleyball Teams

Each week in AUV, the four teams – gold, orange, blue, and purple – eagerly await the assignment of their captains who will lead them into battle. This crucial moment sets the stage for an intense draft where these leaders handpick their players based on skill, chemistry, and strategy. As the tension builds up during this process, it is fascinating to witness how each captain carefully considers their options and employs different tactics to build a winning team. 

One exciting aspect of this drafting system is that the captains can consult with one another before making their final decisions. It creates a unique dynamic within the league as rival players collaborate and strategize alongside one another. While some captains may use this opportunity to form alliances or strengthen existing relationships, others choose to pursue a different path by seeking fresh partnerships that can disrupt expectations on the court.

AUV Rules

Athletes Unlimited Volleyball

The introduction of a 4th tie-breaker golden set in AUV adds an exciting twist to the more traditional format of the sport. While groups are played to 25 with teams needing to win by two points, this new addition creates a thrilling climax in case the total score is tied after three sets. It raises the stakes for both teams and introduces an element of suspense that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. 

For athletes, this golden set presents a unique mental and physical challenge. Playing under pressure in a sudden death situation requires them to stay calm and focused amidst the intensifying atmosphere. The additional stress can test their ability to make split-second decisions while maintaining composure, showcasing their skills and character as competitors.

From a strategic standpoint, coaches must carefully assess when and how to deploy their best players during this pivotal moment. Tactics may shift, game plans might alter, and unexpected team compositions can be unveiled. Knowing that every point counts significantly more in this decisive set encourages aggressive playstyles while demanding refined defensive strategies.

Athletes Unlimited Volleyball Scoring

The AUV i scoring system is a unique and complex approach that adds an exciting twist to the traditional way of keeping score in the sport. Rather than focusing solely on team performance, this system is explicitly designed to reward individual athletes based on their contributions during a game. It considers various statistical categories such as kills, blocks, digs, and assists, assigning points for each player’s achievements.

Individual Points

Individual points play a crucial role in determining a player’s performance. These points are awarded based on individual achievements rather than team efforts. It adds an element of personal achievement and competition within the team dynamic. 

Individual points in the AUV system are earned by players for various accomplishments on the court. This could include successful attacks, blocks, aces, or exceptional defensive plays. The scoring system acknowledges the unique contributions of each player and rewards their skillset accordingly.

One fascinating aspect of individual points is how they encourage players to showcase their versatility. Rather than solely focusing on offensive skills like attacking or serving, players must excel at all aspects of the game to accumulate individual points. It fosters an environment where athletes constantly push themselves to improve their gameplay and become true all-rounders.

MVP Points

 AUV introduces a unique and exciting way to determine MVP points, adding yet another layer of competition and intrigue to the game. While individual skill and performance are already valued in the scoring system, MVP points take it a step further. It acknowledges outstanding contributions on a personal level and empowers players and members of the Unlimited Club to have a voice in selecting the most deserving. 

This democratic approach brings about intriguing discussions among fans as they debate who deserves the coveted 3 MVP points after each round.

The MVP points system adds a thrilling twist to the traditional scoring format. With 60, 40, and 20 MVP points awarded to the top three players after each match, this unique approach keeps players on the edge of their seats as they compete for individual glory. This ingenious concept not only rewards outstanding performance but also adds an element of strategy and intense competition within each game.

Win Points

Athletes Unlimited Volleyball

Athletes Unlimited Volleyball introduces a groundbreaking scoring system that revolutionizes earning and celebrating points. In this innovative league, teams strive to win matches and accumulate win points based on their performance throughout each set. With each group won, teams get a remarkable 40 win points, offering them an opportunity to climb up the leaderboard regardless of the match outcome. 

This unique scoring structure adds a fascinating element of strategy and excitement to every single set. It challenges players to remain focused and motivated throughout the game since every point holds significance in securing victory and accumulating win points. It means that even losing teams have an extraordinary chance to earn valuable points that can catapult them into higher positions in the standings.

Matches Are Won Not By Sets But By Total Score

One of the most intriguing aspects of the AUV scoring system is that matches are not won by sets but by total score. This unique approach completely changes the dynamics of the game and forces players to focus on every point, regardless of which set it belongs to.

Where the winner of each set is determined by who reaches 25 points first,AUV introduces a unique scoring system. The scenes are still played until 25 topics in this format, but the match outcome depends on the total points scored throughout all sets. This innovative approach brings a new level of competitiveness and strategic thinking to the game.

With the focus on total score, every point becomes crucial and has the potential to swing the match in one team’s favor. This means that intense rallies and close calls become even more nerve-wracking as both teams fight tooth and nail for each point. It also creates a sense of urgency throughout the match, as players know that every moment matters to their overall score.

Total Points

Total points play a pivotal role in evaluating player performance. This metric encompasses three fundamental components: win points, MVP points, and individual points. Let’s dive deeper into each of these elements and uncover the nuances that make this scoring system so exciting. 

Win points are awarded based on team success. The winning team in a set receives five win points, while the losing team gets one point for their efforts. It emphasizes individual brilliance, collaboration, and teamwork, urging players to elevate their performance for the greater good of the team.

On top of win points comes the coveted MVP points – a reflection of exceptional individual performances. At the end of each set, two players from each team are voted as MVP by their opponents. These votes contribute to an additional three MVP points per player. It creates an added layer of motivation for athletes to consistently deliver standout performances that catch the eye and respect from their peers.

AUV Leaderboard

The AUV Leaderboard is the ultimate tool for keeping tabs on the performance of athletes in this fast-paced and thrilling sport. This leaderboard tracks all these points, allowing fans and enthusiasts to see which players are outshining others on the field. It showcases their skills and talent and serves as a testament to their hard work and dedication. 

What makes the AUV Leaderboard unique is its ability to promote healthy competition among players. As each game progresses, every point scored contributes to a player’s ranking on the leaderboard. This scoring system ensures that athletes constantly strive for excellence, pushing themselves beyond their limits with every serve, spike, and block. The leaderboard becomes a source of motivation for these players, spurring them to give their best performance in each match.

AUV Salary

Athletes Unlimited is shaking up the world of volleyball with its innovative approach to compensation. While the base salary for athletes in the league stands at $10,000 for the five-week season, what truly sets this platform apart is the opportunity for players to earn substantially more. Unlike traditional clubs with fixed salaries, Athletes Unlimited has introduced a performance-based model that rewards players based on their individual and team achievements. 

This unique structure not only incentivizes athletes to give their all on the court but also introduces an element of excitement and unpredictability into the game. With each player having an equal shot at leadership positions and roster spots changing weekly, every match becomes a critical opportunity to prove one’s worth and enhance earning potential. This dynamic system promotes intense competition, pushing athletes to go above and beyond to pursue higher incentives.

Athletes Unlimited Volleyball Salary Bonuses

The exact details of their salary structure are not publicly available; reports suggest that players can expect to earn around $35,000 for a season. What truly distinguishes Athletes Unlimited is the way they distribute bonuses among their participants. 

Unlike traditional sports leagues, where bonuses are primarily based on individual and team performances, Athletes Unlimited takes a refreshing approach. When allocating bonus payments, the organization emphasizes leadership qualities, fan engagement, and community involvement. This innovative strategy allows athletes to have more control over their earnings while also recognizing the off-court contributions they make.

Athletes Unlimited is poised to change the landscape of professional sports compensation by prioritizing intangible qualities alongside athletic ability. This approach motivates players to excel in multiple aspects of their careers and strengthens their connection with fans and communities. Information about how these bonuses are distributed remains undisclosed, leaving us intrigued and curious about what goes into determining an athlete’s worth beyond their performance on the court.

Are These Considered Professional?

AUV is a unique and exciting concept that pushes the boundaries of traditional professional sports leagues. While it may not fit the conventional professional definition, it is undoubtedly paving its way in athletics. Unlike standard companies, where players are contracted to specific teams, Athletes Unlimited creates a dynamic environment where individual players can showcase their skills weekly.

This format allows for a more fluid and competitive playing field, as athletes are constantly vying for higher rankings and trying to outperform each other. Athletes Unlimited offers significant financial rewards to its top-performing athletes, further blurring the lines between amateur and professional status. Some critics may argue it cannot be considered genuinely professional because Athletes Unlimited is still relatively new and has a smaller audience or sponsorship deals than established leagues like the NFL or NBA.

What sets these apart is its commitment to gender equality in sports. The league features both male and female athletes competing side by side and receiving equal pay – something rarely seen in traditional sports organizations. This commitment to inclusivity challenges longstanding norms within professional sports. It makes a strong case for considering these are a trailblazer in redefining what it means to be a professional athlete.

AUV Roster

Before each season, AUV carefully selects approximately 44 players to participate in their highly competitive and dynamic competition. These players come from diverse backgrounds, representing a wide range of skill levels and experience in the sport. The selection process is rigorous, aiming to create balanced teams that will provide a thrilling and unpredictable playing environment for players and fans alike. 

Athletes Unlimited Volleyball

This roster is not limited to well-known superstars; instead, it aims to showcase the depth and talent of athletes who may have been overshadowed in traditional team structures. Each season brings fresh faces and new perspectives to the game. The diverse mix of players creates an incredible camaraderie and competitiveness on the court, as teammates quickly adapt to playing alongside unfamiliar faces and opponents consistently face new challenges.

AUV rosters are updated regularly throughout the season, allowing for flexibility and adaptation based on player performance. Unlike traditional sports leagues, where registrations remain primarily unchanged for extended periods, this unique feature ensures that athletes have constant opportunities to prove themselves and earn their spot on the leaderboard. It also keeps fans engaged as they watch individuals rise in ranks or potentially fall from grace within just a few games.

Who Are The AUV Players?

The AUV league has attracted remarkable athletes who have retired from professional careers but still possess an unyielding passion for the sport. Many were once staples of the USA volleyball team, representing their country internationally. They have found a new home in this unique league that empowers players to take control and steer their destinies.

This influx of retired USA volleyballers brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Athletes Unlimited. The league benefits from their years of training, tactical knowledge, and competitive drive. These players have seen it all – from Olympic qualifiers to world championships – and now they channel that energy into redefining what it means to be a professional athlete in retirement.

But the story doesn’t end there. While these athletes may have hung up their Team USA jerseys, they still need to lose an ounce of skill or determination. They continue to showcase their talent on the court, captivating fans with dazzling spikes, precise sets, and acrobatic digs. Athletes Unlimited is not just about honoring past achievements; it’s about celebrating the resilience and tenacity of these retired players as they enter this new chapter of their careers.

International Superstar volleyballers?

International superstar players have become a valuable asset for teams around the world. The arrival of Thai setter Nootsara Tomkom to the AUV league in 2021 is yet another testament to this trend. With her exceptional skills and experience, Tomkom has brought a new level of excitement and competition to the league. 

By joining Athletes Unlimited, Tomkom showcases her immense talent and opens doors for other international players looking to expand their horizons in different leagues worldwide. This influx of international talent further raises the bar for competitiveness within the company while allowing fans to witness some genuinely masterful displays of volleyball prowess. As more top-tier athletes like Tomkom enter different leagues, we can only anticipate a thrilling future where boundaries are challenged, and these global volleyball superstars reach new heights.

Bethania de la Cruz of the Dominican Republic has long solidified her position as one of the world’s most formidable volleyball players, and in the 2022 Athletes Unlimited season, she once again showcased her unrivaled skills on the court. Dominating both as an outside hitter and a scorer, de la Cruz proved to be an unstoppable force throughout the competition. Her powerful spikes and lethal serves left opponents struggling to keep up as she consistently racked up points for her team.

What sets Bethania de la Cruz apart from other international superstar volleyball players is not just her incredible talent or physical prowess but also her unwavering dedication to improving herself mentally and physically. She understands that being an athlete goes beyond simply mastering technical skills or having natural abilities; it requires self-discipline, hard work, and continuous growth.

How Many Players Are In AUV?

AUVis an exciting league with a dynamic roster of players. With 44 athletes in the company, each week sees between 36 and 40 of these talented players actively participating. As with any competitive sport, injuries and suspensions can occur from time to time. 

These unforeseen challenges can significantly impact a team’s performance and overall dynamics. It forces teams to adapt quickly, reshuffle lineups, and capitalize on the depth of their rosters. Injuries not only change the strategies for individual matches but also introduce an element of uncertainty into long-term team dynamics.

Injuries and suspensions allow lesser-known players to step up and shine on the court. These unexpected circumstances have paved the way for rising stars to display their skills and prove themselves worthy competitors amongst established athletes. This constant ebb and flow brings excitement throughout the season as fans eagerly watch how these situations unfold, keeping them on their toes as they witness new talents emerge in response to adversity.

AUV Will Affect NCAA Eligibility

AUV (AUV) has emerged as a professional league that promises a revolutionary experience for players and fans. Many aspiring collegiate athletes need to be aware of the potential impact on their NCAA eligibility. As AUV gains momentum and recognition, it raises important questions about how playing in this league could affect athletes’ college careers. 

NCAA regulations state that once athletes sign a contract to play with a professional team, their amateur status is forfeited, making them ineligible for college competition. This means that if volleyball player decides to participate in AUV before completing their collegiate career, they risk losing their chance to compete at the college level. While AUV offers unparalleled exposure and high-quality competition, student-athletes must carefully weigh the benefits against any potential consequences when considering participation.

Skill & Experience

These presents a unique opportunity for players to showcase their skills and experience on the court. While it may not be one of the top women’s volleyball leagues globally, the level of play is still remarkably high. What sets this league apart is its innovative format that encourages individual excellence and team collaboration in equal measure. 

Athletes accumulate points based on their performances throughout the game. This means that every play matters, adding an extra layer of intensity and pressure to each moment on the court. Players have to constantly push their limits and exhibit a wide range of skills – from powerful spikes, precise sets, and agile dives to strategic blocks. The competitive nature of this scoring system fosters an environment where skillful and versatile athletes shine brightest.

Selection Process

The selection process for these may need to be clarified, but one thing is sure – this innovative league is changing the game. Unlike traditional sports leagues where players are drafted or signed by teams, Athletes Unlimited takes a unique approach. They invite professional volleyball players to participate in a five-week season where they compete against each other on different teams each week. Each match is played in a fast-paced and exciting format that keeps fans on the edge. 

By shaking up the traditional selection process, these creates an atmosphere filled with uncertainty, excitement, and opportunities for players to showcase their skills in new ways. This fresh approach not only keeps players engaged but also captivates audiences who are looking for something different in the world of sports. Whether you’re a die-hard volleyball fan or just discovering the sport, Athletes Unlimited offers a thrilling experience that breaks conventional norms.

This Standard of Play

The skill level in this league is surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, excellent. While the roster is primarily composed of former college players and professionals with international experience, it’s clear that this unique league’s intensity and competitive nature have elevated their game even further. Watching these athletes in action, one can’t help but be impressed by their incredible agility, lightning-fast reflexes, and precise ball control. 

What sets Athletes Unlimited apart from other leagues is its innovative scoring system that rewards individual performances rather than team victories. This format encourages players to give their all on every play, resulting in a fast-paced, high-energy game showcasing their exceptional athleticism. Perhaps most strikingly, there is an unwritten code of sportsmanship among the athletes despite competing fiercely against each other, where respect for opponents’ skills is evident through countless jaw-dropping saves and acrobatic dives.

Witnessing how these talented individuals seamlessly come together as a cohesive unit despite playing alongside different teammates each week is fascinating. The sheer adaptability displayed by these athletes truly highlights their high-level understanding of the sport. With many international volleyball players joining the ranks of Athletes Unlimited, viewers are treated not just to exceptional talent but also culturally diverse styles of play that add excitement and unpredictability to every match. The skill level in this league serves as a testament to the commitment and dedication these athletes possess, a captivating display for any volleyball enthusiast seeking thrilling competitions at its finest.

How Does The Structure Affect Play?

Volleyball is more than just passing, setting, and spiking. It’s about communication, trust, and understanding between teammates. The structure and flow of the game heavily influence the dynamics within the team. Each player’s role on the court contributes to how they interact with one another and ultimately affects their performance.

The setter, for example, plays a crucial role in orchestrating offensive plays by placing the ball strategically for their hitters. This requires a strong connection between the setter and her hitters so that they can anticipate each other’s moves on the court. They may need this bond to connect level during games, leading to missed opportunities or miscommunication.

Rotations also impact how well teammates work together. As players rotate from one position to another throughout the game, each course presents a different dynamic among players. Adjusting quickly to new posts and understanding where your teammates will be is essential for smooth gameplay.

Where Can I Watch AUV?

Fans of these are in for a treat this season, with 30 thrilling matches scheduled. But the burning question is, where can we catch all the action? Well, worry not because Athletes Unlimited has got us covered! Some highly anticipated matchups will be televised on CBS and RSNs (Regional Sports Networks). This means that fans can enjoy watching their favorite players go head-to-head on national television, bringing the excitement and energy of the games right into our living rooms. 

But what about those matches that aren’t shown on traditional TV networks? Athletes Unlimited has also created a digital platform to stream all the games live. That’s right; if you’re a die-hard volleyball fan or don’t want to miss any of the action, you can access every game through this dedicated online platform. This digital platform offers both convenience and flexibility and allows fans worldwide to stay connected with these and cheer for their favorite players from anywhere.

So whether it’s catching the games on CBS and RSNs or streaming them live on Athletes Unlimited’s digital platform, fans have multiple options to ensure they never miss a moment from this exhilarating season. With easy accessibility available both through traditional television channels and an innovative online platform, volleyball enthusiasts can now witness each spike, block, and serve as athletes showcase their unparalleled skills in what promises to be an unforgettable competition.

When does the AUV Season start?

The AUV season, a highly anticipated event in the volleyball world, typically kicks off in March and concludes by April. In 2022, fans eagerly awaited the start of the season on March 17th, which brought an extra level of excitement and intrigue following a year of disruptions due to the global pandemic—this year’s season proved to be nothing short of sensational, showcasing the incredible talent and dedication of the athletes involved.

One aspect that makes these particularly fascinating is its unique scoring system. Instead of team-based scoring, individual players earn points based on their performances on the court. This innovative approach challenges traditional conventions and puts personal skills at the forefront. It creates an atmosphere where players can excel individually while contributing to their team’s success.

Where Are Athletes Unlimited Volleyball Games Played?

The Athletes Unlimited volleyball games occur at Fair Park in Dallas, creating an electrifying atmosphere that attracts sports enthusiasts. This vibrant city provides the perfect backdrop for these thrilling matches, blending the rich history of Fair Park with the excitement of world-class athleticism. As players showcase their skills and compete fiercely, spectators are treated to a spectacle.

Beyond its renowned reputation as a host for major sporting events, Dallas offers an incredible array of entertainment options for visitors attending Athletes Unlimited games. From exploring the iconic attractions in Fair Park, such as the Texas Discovery Gardens and the Cotton Bowl Stadium, to indulging in delectable Tex-Mex cuisine or shopping at trendy boutiques nearby, everyone can enjoy something between sets. The lively energy permeating this bustling city merges seamlessly with the intense passion exhibited on the volleyball court, creating an unforgettable experience for fans and participants alike.

How Much Athletes Unlimited Volleyball Game Tickets?

The affordability of tickets for the AUV games is a pleasant surprise for sports enthusiasts. With prices as low as $22 for general admission, fans can experience the thrill and energy of professional volleyball without breaking the bank. This not only makes it accessible to a broader audience but also encourages more people to support and engage with the sport. 

Compared to other professional sports events, where ticket prices can soar into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars, this modest price point allows individuals from all walks of life to enjoy live volleyball action. It is a testament to Athletes Unlimited’s commitment to promoting inclusivity and ensuring fans feel valued. By keeping ticket prices affordable, they prioritize their supporters’ love for the game over maximizing profits.

Attending anAUV game provides excellent value and a unique opportunity for fans to witness innovative gameplay strategies in action. The league’s player-centric format encourages players to collaborate with different teammates each week, resulting in dynamic matches full of surprises and strategic brilliance. For just $22, spectators can immerse themselves in an electric atmosphere while enjoying exceptional athleticism on display, making it well worth every penny spent securing their spot in the stands.


Athletes Unlimited Volleyball is a game-changing league that offers a unique and exciting experience for both players and fans. With its innovative scoring system, emphasis on teamwork and individual performance, and commitment to empowering athletes, it has the potential to revolutionize the sport. The league’s dedication to diversity and inclusion also sets it apart, creating an environment where athletes from all backgrounds can thrive. Whether you’re a die-hard volleyball fan or simply looking for some thrilling sports action, Athletes Unlimited Volleyball is worth watching. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and get ready to witness the future of volleyball unfold before your eyes.


Are there any Restrictions on Player Nationality or age?

There are no specific nationality or age restrictions for athletes participating in AUV. The league welcomes players from all countries and age groups if they meet the necessary skill level and performance criteria.

How can I watch AUV Matches?

AUV  matches can be watched live through various streaming platforms or broadcast channels depending on your region. You can also check out highlights and updates on the official AUV website and social media channels.