Top 10 Famous Volleyball Players In India

Volleyball is more than just a sport in India. It’s an obsession that runs deep within its veins. And within this vibrant and passionate community of volleyball enthusiasts are several players who have become household names for their incredible skills and achievements. We will explore the top 10 famous volleyball players in India who have risen above all odds to make a mark in this competitive sport.

From representing their nation at prestigious tournaments to winning numerous accolades and breaking records, these athletes embody excellence on and off the court.

So, whether you’re new to Indian volleyball or an ardent supporter, get ready to be inspired by these incredible individuals who have left an indelible impression on India’s sporting history.

Top 10 Famous Volleyball Players In India:

There have been several Indian volleyball players who have made a significant impact on the national team over the years. Many of them have been recognized as Asia’s best players and have contributed to winning national medals and awards.

The list of the top 10 famous volleyball players in India includes some exceptional athletes who have earned this honor through their remarkable skills and contributions to the sport.

Muthusamy Appavu:

Top 10 Famous Volleyball Players In India

NicknameNot Available
Date of Birth10 August 1997
Age25 Years
Birth PlaceNot available
Eduction & SchoolNot available
Family DetailNot available

Muthusamy Appavu is a talented volleyball player who has made significant achievements in his young career. He played as the setter for the Ahmedabad Defenders and helped them win bronze at the U21 BRICS Games.

He showcased his skills at the U23 Asian Championship, winning bronze with the team and earning the title of best setter.

Muthusamy’s talent and dedication have allowed him to progress quickly as an athlete. He recently joined the Senior Indian teams at the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship, a testament to his hard work and skill on the court.

Ramavtar Singh Jakhar:

Top 10 Famous Volleyball Players In India

Nick NameEducation & School
ProfessionVolley Ball
Date Of Birth15 May 1970
Age53 Years
Birth PlaceNawalgarh, Rajasthan
Eduction & SchoolNot Available
HightNot Available
WeightNot Available
Family DetailNot Available

Ramavtar Singh Jakhar is a highly accomplished volleyball star from India. Hailing from the Jhunjhunu district in Rajasthan, he has significantly contributed to the sport as a player and administrator.

Currently serving as the chairman of the Volleyball Federation of India, Jakhar has been instrumental in promoting and developing volleyball in the country.

In his administrative role, Jakhar served as the team manager for several years, starting in 2006. His dedication and commitment to the sport have earned him recognition and accolades.

He was honored with the prestigious Aravali Award in 1991 and the Maharana Pratap Award in 1992. These awards testify to his outstanding achievements and contributions to Indian volleyball.

Ashwal Rai:

Top 10 Famous Volleyball Players In India

Nick NameNot Available
ProfessionVolleyball Player
Date Of BirthFeb 2, 1993
Age 29 Years
Birth Place angalore, Karnataka
Education & SchoolNot Available
Mangalore, KarnatakaNot Available

Ashwal Rai is a talented volleyball player and the captain of the Kolkata Thunderbolts, who emerged as the winners in the first season. At 29 years old, he hails from Karnataka, showcasing his prowess on the court as a blocker.

In season 1, Ashwal scored an impressive 57 attack points and participated in 12 successful blocks, highlighting his skills and contribution to the team’s success.

His strong bond with the coach, stemming from their shared affinity for Karnataka, further enhances team cohesion and communication.

Ashwal has not only excelled at the national level but has also represented India in international competitions. This demonstrates his exceptional abilities and recognition within the sport.

Karthik Madhu:

Nick NameNot Available
ProfessionVolleyball Player
Date Of BirthJanuary 24, 1995
Age31 Years
Birth PlaceKarnataka
Education & SchoolNot Available
Hight 1.98 m
Weight80 KG
Family DetialsNot Available

Karthik Madhu’s journey in the world of volleyball is truly inspiring. Starting his career with SAI and making his junior nationals debut in 2009, he quickly made a name for himself in the sport. His talent was recognized when he served as a guest player for BSNL and appeared at Senior Nationals in 2011.

Continuing to excel, Karthik made his international debut for India at the 2016 South Asian Games, representing his country globally. His hard work paid off when he won gold at Karnataka’s 2015 Fed Cup match, showcasing his skills and dedication to the game.

It is remarkable to note that alongside his volleyball career, Karthik also balances a job as an assistant postman with Bengaluru Postal Department. They show his determination and commitment to both his profession and passion.

Nirmal Kaur Saini:

Volleyball Players In India

Nick NameNot Available
ProfessionVolleyball Player
Date of Birth8 October 1938
Age82 Year
Birth PlaceIndia
Education & SchoolNot Avalible
Hight1.68 m
Weight60 Kg
Family DetailsSpouse Name: Milkha Singh( famous track and field sprinter), Child Name: Jeev Milkha Singh

Nirmal Kaur Saini was a remarkable Indian volleyball player and an influential figure in women’s sports. As the captain of India’s women’s public volleyball team, she led her team to a bronze medal at the Asian Games in Seoul in 1986, showcasing her exceptional leadership skills and talent on the court.

She was integral to India’s gold-medal-winning team at the 1985 South Asian Games, further solidifying her status as a skilled athlete.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions to Indian sports, Nirmal Kaur Saini was posthumously honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2021. This prestigious accolade is a testament to her dedication and passion for the game.

Before this, she also served as the Director of Sports for Women at the State Department, demonstrating her commitment to promoting women’s participation in sports and empowering female athletes.

Abdul Basith:

Nick NameNot Available
ProfessionVolleyball Player
Date Of Birth1959
Age32 Years
Birth PlaceHyderabad 
Education & SchoolNot Available
Hight1.94 m
Weight74 Kg
Family DetailsNot Available

Abdul Basith’s tenure as the captain of India’s men’s national volleyball team from 1986-1989 was marked by remarkable achievements and contributions to the sport.

Under his leadership, the team secured a bronze medal at the Asian Games in Seoul, a significant accomplishment that showcased their determination and skill. Abdul Basith excelled as a player and exemplified qualities such as modesty, courteous attitude, and fair play, which earned him respect both on and off the court.

Born in Hyderabad in 1989, Abdul Basith’s passion for volleyball made him one of India’s most celebrated athletes. His dedication and hard work paid off when he was honored with the prestigious Arjuna Grant for his outstanding sports achievements. This recognition further solidified his status as an icon in Indian volleyball history.

Balwant Singh Sagwal:

Nick NameBallu
ProfessionVolleyball Player
Date Of Birth1945
Age65 Year
Birth PlaceKaul
CountryHaryana, India
Education & SchoolNot Available
Hight1.98 m
WeightNot Available
Family DetailNot Available

Balwant Singh Sagwal, or Ballu as he was fondly known, was indeed a key member of India’s Men’s Volleyball Team. Hailing from a humble family in Kaul, Haryana, his journey to success is truly inspiring.

Sagwal joined the Border Security Force, which has a reputation for producing top volleyball players, and it was during his time there he honed his skills and made a name for himself in the sport.

Tragically, Sagwal passed away in November 2010, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire aspiring volleyball players.

Before his untimely demise, he established a volleyball academy in Kaul to provide opportunities for young talent to develop their skills and follow in his footsteps. This academy is a testament to his passion for the sport and his desire to give back to the community that supported him throughout his career.


Nick NameBlack Panther
ProfessionVolleyball Placer
Date Of Birth1932
AgeFamily Details
Birth PlaceKallampatti
CountryTamil Nadu, India
Education & SchoolNot Available
HeightNot Available
WeightNot Available
Family DetialsNot Available

Palanisamy was an exceptional Indian volleyball player from Tamil Nadu state. He left a lasting impact on the sport and is remembered for his dedication and intensity on the court.

In the 1960s, he was privileged to represent the national volleyball squad at the Asian Games, showcasing his skills on an international platform.

His remarkable performance at Jakarta in 1962 earned him the nickname Black Panther, a testament to his fierce competitiveness and tenacity. After playing, Palanisamy continued contributing to the sport by coaching Savaging District in Tamil Nadu. He retired from volleyball in 1998, leaving behind a legacy that Indian volleyball enthusiasts will cherish for years.

Cyril Vellore:

Volleyball Players In India

Nick NameNot Available
ProfessionVolleyball Player
Date Of BirthDecember 1, 1961
Age61 Years
Birth PlaceKerala
Education & SchoolNot Available
Height1.91 m
WeightNot Available
Family DetailNot Available

Cyril Vellore is a well-known volleyball player from Kerala who has left a significant mark in the sport. He had the honor of representing India in numerous national and international competitions, including the 1986 Asian Games held in Seoul. He also captained the Indian volleyball team to a bronze medal at the Asian Games, showcasing his exceptional leadership skills.

During the 1980s, Cyril Vellore formed a formidable partnership with another legendary Indian volleyball player, Jimmy George. Together, they contributed immensely to the growth and success of Indian volleyball. Their outstanding performances and dedication to the sport were recognized when both players were awarded the prestigious Arjuna Awards in 1986.

Cyril Vellore’s achievements and contributions to Indian volleyball have made him an iconic figure in the sport. His partnership with Jimmy George and their collective recognition through the Arjuna Awards further solidify their impact on Indian volleyball history.

Jimmy George:

Nick NameGod of Indian volleyball
ProfessionVolleyball Player
Date Of Birth8 March 1955
Age32 Years
Birth PlaceThondiyil, Kerala
Education & SchoolNot Available
Height1.87 m
Weight78 Kg
Family DetailNot Available

Jimmy was a highly accomplished volleyball player representing India at three consecutive Asian Games. His dedication and skill were evident as he led the team to a bronze medal at the Seoul Asian Games 1986. This achievement showcased his leadership abilities and his ability to perform under pressure.

To his success at the Asian Games, Jimmy captained the Indian team to victory at the India Gold Cup International Volleyball Tournament in 1986. This further demonstrated his exceptional talent as a player and leader.

Tragically, Jimmy’s life was cut short when he passed away on November 30, 1987, at 32. During his time on earth, he made history by becoming the first Indian volleyball player to play professionally and represent an Italian professional volleyball team. His contributions to Indian volleyball will always be remembered and celebrated.

Final Words:

These top 10 famous volleyball players in India have left an indelible mark on the sport. Their dedication, skill, and passion for the game have brought them personal success and inspired a generation of aspiring players. From their remarkable achievements on the court to their contributions, they have become role models and ambassadors for the sport.

As we celebrate their accomplishments, remember to support and encourage the next generation of volleyball players in India. Together, we can continue to elevate the sport and create a lasting legacy for years.