How to Store Baseball Hats? – 6 Easy Life Hacks

As you reach for your favorite baseball hat to prepare for a day at the ballgame, it vanishes from sight. You find yourself frantically going through closets and drawers only to find it lost in the confusion of your messy storage arrangement.

In this article, we will share how to store baseball hats that will not only keep them organized but also help maintain their perfect form. Get ready to transform your messy hat collection into a display.

How To Store Baseball Hats – 6 DIY Ideas

If you have a small room and need to maximize space, consider these efficient strategies. Let’s explore them step by step.

Door Hat Rack 

One of the most influential and space-saving ways to store your beloved baseball hats is by using a door hat rack. Attaching the frame at a 90-degree angle not only ensures easy access to your caps but also maximises the utility of your door.

The convenience provided by this method cannot be overstated, especially if you’re someone who likes to switch up their cap collection frequently.

The beauty of using a door hat rack lies in its versatility and capacity. With multiple hooks on each strap, it offers ample room for storing numerous caps without taking up much space in your closet or bedroom.

By utilising all the available hooks, you can easily store up to 18 hats, a dream come true for any baseball cap enthusiast. Imagine finally having all your caps neatly organised and easily accessible whenever you want to express your team spirit or complete a stylish outfit.

Preferable for 

Those who’ve 10-20 baseball hats

Don’t have enough space for a showcase or wooden rack 

Don’t have gateways to receive high-volume dust in the house

Spectrum Diversified Sweep Wall-Mount

One of the biggest challenges for baseball cap enthusiasts is finding an efficient way to store their ever-growing collection. Luckily, the Spectrum Diversified Sweep Wall-Mount is a game changer regarding hat organization.

With its sleek design and affordable price tag (less than $20), this wall-mounted solution offers a fresh perspective on storing and displaying your beloved caps.

Not only does the Spectrum Diversified Sweep Wall-Mount help you keep your hats neatly organised, but it also allows you to showcase them in all their glory.

By mounting this ingenious rack on your wall, you can transform your bedroom or living space into a striking display area that showcases your unique style and passion for baseball caps.

Forget about tossing your hats onto a messy pile or shoving them into cramped drawers with this wall mount, every cap becomes an individual work of art.

One more advantage of the Spectrum Diversified Sweep Wall-Mount is its space-saving design. It efficiently utilises vertical space on any wall, even if you have an extensive collection.

They won’t clutter up valuable shelf or drawer real estate. This means you’ll have more room for other essential items while still being able to show off your hat collection effortlessly.

Preferable for 

Those are okay with wall mount

Suitable for storing 8-10 baseball caps 

Those who don’t have heavy dust issues

Baseball Cap Display 

These displays are designed to showcase your collection while keeping them organised and easily accessible. Most cap displays come with flexible plastic adhesive, allowing you to hang them on the wall or back of your door, saving valuable space in your room.

To maximize the functionality of your cap display, consider organizing your hats according to teams, colours, or even different styles. You can create a visually appealing arrangement that not only showcases your collection but also adds an aesthetic touch to any room.

Rotating the position of your hats every few months will prevent any damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight or air. Another tip for storing baseball hats is to avoid stacking them on each other. This can cause wrinkles and deformities in the brim. 

Invest in hat racks or hooks that allow you to hang each hat individually. By doing so, you not only maintain their shape but also make it easy for you to see and select the hat you want without digging through a pile.

Using a cap display and proper storage techniques helps preserve the quality and lifespan of your baseball hats while attractively showcasing them.

Preferable for 

Those who want a modern baseball storage solution

Those who have enough wall space for the purpose

Great solution if you’re going to keep the shape of your baseball cap

Portable Closet for Hats 

A handy solution is a portable closet designed explicitly for hats. These compact and versatile organisers allow you to keep your favourite caps pristine while saving space.

The benefit of using a portable closet for hats is the ease of organisation it provides. Most models come with multiple compartments or shelves that allow you to stack your caps neatly, keeping them visible and easily accessible.

This way, you can quickly find your desired hat without rummaging through boxes or piles. Portable closets are designed to protect your hats from damage.

With built-in racks or hooks, these organizers ensure that your caps maintain their shape and avoid getting crushed or misshapen when not in use. The enclosed structure also protects them from dust, dirt, and moisture, preserving their quality.

Another advantage of using a portable closet for hats is its versatility. Not only does it provide storage for baseball caps, but it can also accommodate other types of headwear like beanies or visors. Some models even include adjustable shelves to customize the spacing according to your preference.

Preferable for

Those looking for wall shelves

Those who want a portable hat storage system 

Travelers who wish to their hats during the trip 

Elastic Pocket Cap Holder

The elastic pocket cap holder comes in various designs, but they all offer the same benefits. These holders typically have multiple pockets, each capable of holding one hat securely.

This means that you can store several hats in one compact item without worrying about them getting crushed or losing their shape. One advantage of the elastic pocket cap holder is its versatility.

Not only does it allow for easy storage at home, but it is also perfect for travel purposes. When on the go, simply fold the holder with your hats inside and place it in your bag or suitcase.

Preferred for

Best suited for travelers

Players looking for door mount cap holder

Standing Cap Display Tower

The tower usually consists of multiple tiers or shelves where you can place each hat, ensuring they are visible and easily accessible.

Storing your hats in a standing cap display tower helps to protect them from getting crushed or damaged. By keeping them upright, you can maintain the shape and structure of the hat, preventing it from losing its original form.

This is especially important for those who collect specialty or limited edition caps they want to preserve. Another benefit of using a standing cap display tower is that it allows you to showcase your hat collection as a design feature in your room or closet.

With their sleek and modern design, these towers add style and personality to any space. You can choose one that matches the overall aesthetic of your room or go for something more eye-catching to make a bold statement.

Preferable for

A perfect storage system for expensive or signed baseball hats

Great for those who want furniture add-ons for their caps

What’s the Best Way to Store Baseball Hats?

If you’re a baseball hat enthusiast who owns between 10 and 20 hats, finding the proper storage solution is essential. Racks or holders with multiple slots or pockets are perfect for this situation.

Not only will they keep your collection organised and easily accessible, but they will also allow you to showcase your hats like a piece of art. Imagine walking into your room and seeing rows of beautifully displayed caps, each telling its own story.

If you have a smaller hat collection, opting for wall-mountable holders can be a game-changer. These holders take advantage of vertical space, saving valuable floor or shelf space in your room. 

By mounting them on the wall at eye level, you’ll always have an overview of your favourite caps and effortlessly pick the perfect one for any occasion.

Using racks or wall-mountable holders, keeping your baseball hats neatly organised not only helps preserve their shape but also prevents unnecessary wear and tear caused by misplacing them or cramming them into tight spaces.

Choosing the best way to store your baseball hats depends on the size of your collection and the aesthetic appeal you want to achieve in displaying them.


Store baseball hats are a versatile and stylish accessory that can enhance any outfit. With a wide range of designs, colors, and materials, there is a baseball hat for everyone’s taste and preference.

Not only do they protect you from the sun and keep your head cool, but they also allow you to show off your favorite sports team or brand. Whether going for a casual look or adding a sporty touch to your wardrobe, how to store baseball hats is an affordable and fashionable choice.


Can I store my hats in plastic bags?

While it might seem convenient, storing hats in plastic bags can lead to moisture buildup and promote mold growth. It is best to avoid plastic bags and opt for breathable storage solutions like hat boxes or cloth bags instead.

Should I stuff my hats with anything while storing them?

If you want to maintain the shape of your hats while storing them, you can lightly stuff them with acid-free tissue paper or soft fabric to help retain their structure without causing excessive pressure.

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