How To Break In A Baseball Glove In 5 Minutes?

Players of all skill levels rely on baseball and softball gloves as crucial equipment. A brand-new baseball glove fails to provide the necessary convenience and comfort for a player.

People are tired of spending weeks breaking in your new baseball glove. Prepare to blow your mind because I will show you how to break in a baseball glove in 5 minutes.

No more endless hours of playing catch or stuffing it with newspaper. With these simple and effective techniques, you’ll have a perfectly molded glove that will feel like an extension of your hand in no time. 

Importance of Breaking In A Baseball or Softball Glove

When breaking in a glove, baseball players often use techniques such as oiling, pounding with a mallet, or simply playing catch to soften the leather. One often overlooked aspect is time.

Just like building muscle strength or perfecting a technique takes time and persistence, so does breaking in a glove. Taking the time to do it right allows the leather to mold itself to your hand shape and playing style, resulting in increased comfort and better control over catches.

How To Break In A Baseball Glove

Intentional care of your baseball or softball glove from day one can extend its lifespan significantly. Breaking in a new glove properly not only enhances its performance but also ensures that you get more seasons out of it before needing to replace it.

By investing time into this process early on, you are setting yourself up for success – starting with a broken-in glove allows you to focus on improving other aspects of your game without worrying about handling an uncomfortable piece of equipment.

How To Break In A Baseball Glove At Home?

Here are some approaches commonly adopted by MLB players to break in their gloves.

Method 1: Break In Baseball Glove With Hot Water

The traditional method of playing catch and using glove oil, others have found success with the hot water technique.

By submerging your new glove in hot water and then moulding it to your desired shape, you can jump-start the break-in process from the comfort of your home.

To begin, gather all necessary materials: a bucket or sink large enough to hold your glove, hot water (not boiling), a towel, and a ball or object to help shape the pocket. Start by wetting both the inside and outside of the glove thoroughly with warm water.

How To Break In A Baseball Glove

Be sure not to use boiling water, as extreme temperatures can damage leather gloves. Once saturated, gently fold and shape the fingers, forming a natural curve miming how your hand would rest inside the glove during play.

After shaping, carefully place a ball or another round object inside the glove pocket. This will help create a deep pocket while allowing you to maintain control over its positioning.

Use towels or rubber bands to keep everything secure if needed. Leave your newly transformed glove out in sunlight or another warm area for it to dry completely before testing it out on the field.

While breaking in a baseball glove may take time, regardless of the method chosen, using hot water can expedite this process significantly.

Method 2: Break In Baseball Glove With Conditioner

One effective way is to use a conditioner specifically designed for leather items such as baseball gloves.

Apply a small amount of conditioner to the palm and fingers of the glove, then use your hands to massage it into the leather. This will not only help soften the glove but also protect it from dirt and moisture.

You can shape your glove to better fit your hand. Use a ball or baseball and place it in the pocket of the glove, then wrap both together tightly with rubber bands or strings, keeping everything secure overnight.

How To Break In A Baseball Glove

This process helps mould the pocket according to your preference and creates a more customised feel when catching balls.

Breaking in a new baseball glove takes time and patience, but by practising catch regularly, you can speed up this process.

The more you use your glove, whether during games or practice sessions, the quicker it will become comfortable and responsive on-field.

Method 3: Break In Baseball Glove with Shaving Cream

Start by applying a small amount of shaving cream to the glove’s leather. Rub it in gently, covering all areas of the glove. The shaving cream helps to soften and moisturize the leather, allowing it to mold more quickly to your hand.

Another critical step in breaking in a baseball glove is keeping it clean. Dirt and grime can cause the leather to dry out and become stiff.

Regularly wipe down your glove with a damp cloth or use a leather cleaner specifically for baseball gloves. This will help maintain the integrity and flexibility of the leather throughout its lifespan.

A glove mallet can also be beneficial when breaking in a new baseball glove. A mallet is typically made of wood or rubber and has a rounded end that can be used to pound on the pocket area of the glove. This helps loosen up the fibres, creating a deeper pocket better suited for catching balls.

By incorporating these techniques into your break-in routine, you will not only have a well-conditioned and comfortable baseball glove but also enhance its performance on the field.

Gloves Break-In Common Mistakes – Dos’ and Don’ts

Many people make common mistakes during this process that can lead to damage or discomfort.

One of the most frequent errors is using excessive heat sources such as hairdryers or ovens to speed up the break-in process. While it may seem tempting, these methods can cause the leather to become dry and brittle, significantly reducing the glove’s lifespan.

Another mistake that often needs to be addressed is to perform proper conditioning on the glove before breaking it in. Conditioning helps soften and moisturise the leather, making it more pliable.

Athletes can avoid a stiffer feel in their gloves, which can hamper flexibility and natural movement. A well-conditioned glove not only aids in flexibility but also enhances durability over time.

How To Break In A Baseball Glove

When breaking gloves, it is crucial to avoid stretching them beyond their recommended limits. Putting excessive pressure on specific areas or forcibly bending them may result in weakened stitching or tearing of the leather itself.

Gradually stretch yourself by wearing your glove during practice sessions or playing catch with a trusted partner. This gentle process allows the leather fibres to adapt naturally without compromising structural integrity.


Breaking in a baseball glove is an essential process for any player looking to maximise their performance on the field. Whether you use the traditional method or opt for alternative techniques, it is essential to be patient and diligent in your efforts.

Remember that breaking in a glove takes time and practice, so don’t rush how to break in a baseball glove. By following these steps and consistently using your glove during practice and games, you will find that it becomes more comfortable and moulds to your hand perfectly over time.


What type of oil should I use to break in my baseball glove?

It is recommended to use specialised baseball glove oils or conditioners specifically designed for breaking in baseball gloves. Avoid using petroleum-based products as they may damage the leather.

Can I use heat sources like an oven or microwave to break in my baseball glove?

Using heat sources like ovens or microwaves can cause irreparable damage to your glove and should be avoided at all costs. Stick to traditional methods for breaking it in properly.