Top 5 Records of Cricketer Kane Williamson-Complete Guide

Kane Williamson, the enigmatic cricketer from New Zealand, has left an indelible mark on the world of cricket with his exceptional talent and unwavering determination. As one of the most respected and admired batsmen in modern cricket, Williamson has set numerous records that showcase his prowess and skill on the pitch. From his masterful centuries to his impressive captaincy, Williamson’s achievements have cemented his status as a true icon in the sport.

In this article, we delve into the Top 5 Records of Cricketer Kane Williamson that highlight his remarkable career thus far. From breaking longstanding records to achieving unprecedented milestones, Williamson’s journey through international cricket is nothing short of extraordinary.

Top 5 Records of Cricketer Kane Williamson

Kane Williamson, born on 8 August 1990 in Tauranga, New Zealand, hails from a sports-oriented family and thus inherited a passion for athletics. From an early age, his natural talent became apparent as he excelled in various sports. It was cricket that truly captured his heart and propelled him to stardom.

In his illustrious career, Kane Williamson has shattered records and left a lasting impact on the world of cricket. As the captain of the New Zealand national team, Williamson has showcased remarkable leadership skills and an unwavering dedication to the sport. His incredible batting prowess has also earned him the accolade of being one of the finest batsmen in modern cricket history.

1. Hundred on Test Debut

Kane Williamson’s remarkable debut in international Test cricket set the stage for an illustrious career. His century on debut against India in 2010 not only showcased his natural talent and composure but also signaled the arrival of a future batting maestro. This defining moment was just the beginning of a series of records and achievements that would solidify Williamson’s place as one of New Zealand’s greatest cricketers.

Williamson’s unwavering consistency and ability to perform under pressure have seen him rise through the ranks to become New Zealand’s most successful captain. His astute leadership has been integral in guiding the team to unprecedented heights, including their memorable run to the 2019 Cricket World Cup final. Known for his impeccable technique, elegant stroke play, and calm demeanour, Williamson epitomizes grace under pressure, earning him widespread admiration from fans and pundits alike.

RecordHundred on Test debut

2. Most double hundreds in a career

Top 5 Records of Cricketer Kane Williamson

Markable array of records that showcase his immense talent and skill. Among his most notable achievements is holding the record for the most double centuries by a New Zealand cricketer. His ability to maintain composure and concentration at the crease has allowed him to amass an impressive tally of double hundreds throughout his career, solidifying his reputation as a gifted batsman with exceptional stamina and resilience.

Williamson’s consistent performance as a top-order batsman has earned him the distinction of being one of only a few players in the history of cricket to have scored more than one double century against South Africa.

This feat demonstrates his prowess on the international stage and highlights his proficiency in handling formidable bowling attacks with finesse and precision. Williamson’s aptitude for converting starts into substantial scores underscores his value as an anchor for New Zealand’s batting lineup, making him a formidable force in Test matches around the world.

RecordMost double hundreds in a career
YearCombined years
LocationVarious locations

3. Fastest to 8000 Test runs

Kane Williamson, the New Zealand cricket sensation, recently achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the fastest player to reach 8000 Test runs in terms of innings played. His impeccable batting technique and steely composure have set new benchmarks for consistency and style in the modern game. Known for his elegant strokeplay and calm demeanor on the field, Williamson’s rise to the top echelons of Test cricket has been nothing short of extraordinary.

What sets Williamson apart is not just his ability to score runs at a rapid pace, but also his knack for delivering impactful performances when it matters the most. His adaptability across different conditions and against various bowling attacks has earned him widespread accolades from fans and experts alike.

RecordFastest to 8000 Test runs
YearCombined years
LocationVarious Locations

4. Most Hundreds as a Captain

Top 5 Records of Cricketer Kane Williamson

Kane Williamson, the talented and tenacious cricketer from New Zealand, has etched his name in the history books with a remarkable record of scoring the most hundreds as a captain. With his impeccable technique and unwavering determination, Williamson has consistently delivered outstanding performances on the field. His ability to lead by example has not only solidified his place as one of the greats of modern cricket but also elevated New Zealand’s cricketing prowess on the global stage.

What sets Williamson apart is not just his consistent run-scoring ability but also his composure under pressure situations. His innovative stroke play and astute captaincy have been pivotal in steering New Zealand to numerous triumphs. As a leader, he embodies resilience and strategic acumen, earning him respect from players and fans worldwide. With every century he scores as a captain, Williamson reaffirms his status as a true stalwart of the game.

RecordMost hundreds as a captain
YearCombined years
LocationVarious Locations

Most Fifties in Consecutive Innings

Kane Williamson, the New Zealand cricket sensation, has etched his name in the record books with his remarkable streak of most fifties in consecutive innings. His ability to consistently convert starts into substantial scores has been a testament to his batting prowess and unwavering focus.

What sets Williamson apart is not just his technical proficiency but also his mental resilience, allowing him to navigate through challenging situations and emerge triumphant. As one delves deeper into Kane Williamson’s record-breaking spree of fifties in consecutive innings, it becomes evident that this achievement is a clear reflection of his adaptability and composure at the crease.

His meticulous approach towards building an innings showcases a blend of patience and precision, making him a formidable force in the cricketing realm. With each fifty, Williamson reinforces his reputation as a dependable anchor who can weather any storm, standing tall amidst the ebbs and flows of the game.

RecordsMost fifties in consecutive innings
LocationVarious Locations


In the above we have discussed Top 5 Records of Cricketer Kane Williamson. Kane Williamson has solidified his place as one of the most accomplished cricketers in the world with a remarkable array of records to his name. His exceptional batting prowess and astute captaincy have seen him achieve numerous milestones, including becoming New Zealand’s leading run-scorer in Test cricket and the fastest Kiwi to reach 6,000 runs in ODI matches. His consistency and resilience have been evident in his ability to score centuries on a variety of pitches and against tough opposition.


How many Centuries has Kane Williamson Scored in One Day Internationals (ODIs)?

He has scored 13 centuries in ODIs.

What is Kane Williamson’s batting average in Test cricket?

His batting average in Test cricket is around 53.