Top 10 Football Leagues In The World

We are pleased to present our official rating of the top 10 football leagues in the world, which features only the finest football has to offer. Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride filled with heart-stopping moments, jaw-dropping goals, and unexpected victories as we explore these extraordinary leagues that have captured millions of fans’ hearts worldwide.

So, whether you’re seeking inspiration for your game or simply looking for an escape from reality, fasten your seatbelts because we’re about to embark on an unforgettable journey through pure sporting brilliance.

Top 10 Football Leagues In The World:

Football is indeed the most popular sport in the world, and its high viewership can be attributed to its widespread fan base. The unpredictability of the game adds to its appeal, as it keeps fans on the edge of their seats until the final whistle. It is true that with the influx of wealthy owners, some football leagues have become more predictable in recent years.

The top 10 football leagues in the world are a testament to the global reach of the sport. These leagues include renowned competitions such as the Chinese Super League, Dutch Eredivisie, Brasileiro Serie A, Bundesliga, Major League Soccer, Serie A, Liga Apertura, Ligue 1, La Liga and Premier League.

Chinese Super League:

Top 10 Football Leagues In The World

Name of football leaguesChinese Super League
No of Fans around the world700 million

The Chinese Super League has made a splash in the global soccer scene. With competing clubs offering massive contracts to lure big stars from Europe, it’s no wonder the league has entered the global conversation. And with over 1 million viewers worldwide, it’s clear that people are tuning in to see what all the hype is about.

One team that has been making waves in the league is Jiangsu Suning, currently the reigning champions. With 16 teams, the league has a lot of competition and excitement.

Dutch Eredivisie:

Name of football leaguesDutch Eredivisie
No of Fans around the worldNot Available

The Netherlands’ Eredivisie Premier League is a breeding ground for talented young players. The league’s emphasis on the total football philosophy has been instrumental in developing technically skilled and tactically astute players. With an average of 18,010 spectators at stadiums, the league also enjoys decent fan support.

One of the highlights of the Eredivisie season is the Ajax vs PSV Eindhoven match, which recently drew over 1.2 million viewers. This high viewership demonstrates this fixture’s popularity and excitement, as both teams have a rich history and passionate fan bases.

Brasileiro Serie A:

Name of football leaguesBrasileiro Serie A
No of Fans around the world1.4 million

The Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A is the top football division in Brazil. It’s a highly competitive league with a reputation for producing talented young players who often make their way to Europe. Just look at Neymar and Vinicius Jr., two prime examples of players who have successfully made this move. Neymar Jr is a very handsome footballer in the world, and they will be in the Top 10 Most Handsome Football Players in the World.

Flamengo currently holds the title as the champions of the League, but Palmeiras is the team with the most success, having won nine trophies. The league also boasts a solid average attendance of 43,458 fans per match, which speaks to its popularity among Brazilian football enthusiasts.

It’s great to see that the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A has a global following, with 1.4 million viewers from around the world. This demonstrates the widespread appeal and recognition of Brazilian football on an international scale.


Name of football leaguesBundesliga
No of Fans around the world9.11 million

The Bundesliga is definitely a league that is loved by football fans around the world. With its attacking style of play and high-scoring matches, it’s no wonder why it has gained such popularity. Bayern Munich’s dominance in the competition, winning it 31 times and having a nine-year winning streak, only adds to the excitement.

Not only does the Bundesliga have great on-field action, but it also boasts a strong fan base. The average attendance rate of 43,458 shows just how well-supported the league is. With an average of 361,000 viewers per game and reaching over 1.7 million households, it’s clear that the Bundesliga has a wide reach and captivates audiences both at home and abroad.

Major League Soccer:

Top 10 Football Leagues In The World

Name of football leaguesMajor League Soccer
No of Fans around the world19,682 thousand

Major League Soccer (MLS) has indeed become a prestigious league in America, boasting 27 teams. The division into Eastern and Western meetings is a practical way to manage the country’s size and ensure fair competition. It’s no surprise that the Los Angeles Galaxy is considered the most successful team, having won the competition five times. With an average stadium attendance of 21,310, it’s evident that soccer has gained a significant following in the United States.

Recent matches have seen an impressive viewership of approximately 2 million per game. This demonstrates the growing popularity of MLS and the increasing interest in soccer among American sports fans.

Serie A:

Name of football leaguesSerie A
No of Fans around the world25 million

Italian clubs AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Juventus are indeed all part of the first division of their league. It’s no surprise that these clubs have drawn such a massive number of spectators, especially during Cristiano Ronaldo’s time in Italy. The presence of such a high-profile player naturally attracts fans from all over.

Juventus’ impressive record of 36 competition wins makes them the most successful team in Italian football history. It’s worth mentioning that Inter Milan is currently the reigning champion. With such fierce competition among these top clubs, it’s always exciting to see who will come out on top each season.

Liga Apertura:

Name of football leaguesLiga Apertura
No of Fans around the world2.7 billion

Liga MX Apertura is indeed the top football competition in Mexico’s first division. The league is known for its fast-paced and attacking style of play, which is often compared to the styles seen in Brazil and Spain. Club America holds the record for the most trophies won, with an impressive 13 titles under their belt.

CD Cruz Azul is the reigning champion of the Liga MX Apertura. The average stadium attendance for matches in this competition is around 25,557 spectators, which shows the passion and support that Mexican football fans have for their teams. TV viewing of Liga MX Apertura has been on the rise, with approximately 3.7 million households tuning in to watch the matches.

Ligue 1:

Name of football leaguesLigue 1
No of Fans around the world5.5 million

Ligue 1 is indeed known for its financial imbalance, with some clubs having significantly more resources than others. AS Saint Etienne has a rich history and is the most successful club in terms of league titles. PSG and Olympique de Marseille are also well-known and successful clubs in Ligue 1. LOSC, the reigning champion, had an impressive season last year.

The average stadium attendance of 22,484 shows that there is a dedicated fanbase supporting the league. The global viewership of 10.5 million per game highlights the growing popularity of Ligue 1 around the world. It’s interesting to note that ratings have increased since Lionel Messi joined the league, which speaks to his immense star power and ability to attract viewers.

La Liga:

Name of football leaguesLa Liga
No of Fans around the world3.2 billion

La Liga is indeed the second most-watched league globally, after the English Premier League. It has a massive following and attracts fans from all over the world. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are undoubtedly the powerhouses of Spanish football, with a rich history of success. Real Madrid’s 34 championship wins speak volumes about their dominance in the league.

It’s worth mentioning that Atletico Madrid managed to break this duopoly by winning the competition last year.

Their victory was well-deserved, and it also attracted a significant number of viewers, with an average of 76 million people tuning in for each game. It goes to show that La Liga is not only about Real Madrid and Barcelona but also offers exciting competition from other teams as well.

Premier League:

Name of football leaguesPremier League
No of Fans around the world3.2 billion

The Premier League is indeed one of the most popular and widely watched soccer leagues globally. Established in England in 1992, it has gained a massive following over the years. With 20 clubs competing in the league, it offers an exciting and competitive atmosphere for both players and fans.

The star power of the Premier League boasts some of the biggest names in football history. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham have graced the league with their exceptional skills and charisma, attracting even more attention to the sport. Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham are the richest footballers in the world.

In terms of dominance, Manchester City has emerged as a force to be reckoned with, winning six championships in recent years. Teams like Liverpool and Chelsea have also had their fair share of success, making the Premier League an unpredictable and thrilling competition for fans worldwide.

Final Words:

The top 10 football leagues in the world offer a thrilling and competitive experience for both players and fans alike. From the fast-paced action of the English Premier League to the technical brilliance of La Liga, each league has its unique style and charm. Whether you enjoy watching powerhouse teams dominate or witnessing underdogs rise to glory, these leagues have something to offer for everyone.

So grab your jersey, turn on the TV, and get ready to witness some of the most exciting football in the world. Don’t miss out on any of the action.

Tune in and immerse yourself in the passion and excitement that these top 10 biggest football league in the world have to offer.